Thursday, 24 January 2013

Extreme Cakes the age of Yummy Arts

We live in an age of EXTREMES.  

 Extreme sports, extreme weather and even extreme relationships.  

So why not give in to the Age of Extreme Cakes.  What I like to call the "Yummy Arts" Age.  

It seems to be a time for cakes of all shapes sizes flavours and genres to step forward.  No longer is it good enough for us to slap a good old sponge on a plate with mountains of fresh strawberries and loads of whipped cream.  

My beautiful Mother would open herself up to hardship as prior to our birthdays she would ask "What type of birthday cake would you like this year".  Our requests were varied,  A pirate chest laden with gold, a ranch with farm animals, a train, a butterfly, a teddy bear, an ice cream barbie cake and even fully functional Music Box with spinning Ballerina.  Pour over her Australian Women's Weekly - Children's Birthday Cake Book until she found something that was similar (or at least the same shape as what we wanted) she would then go about working out how she was going to create these masterpieces.  

I once watched her create the Barbie Ice Cream Cake during one very hot Central Queensland summer, (average of 30 degrees Celsius or around 86 degrees Fahrenheit).  She patiently pipped a beautiful dress to cover the nude Barbie that had been pushed legs first into a huge dome of ice cream.    

Recently I found myself in the situation of helping Mum create a 40th birthday cake for my younger sister.  We both giggled and referenced the good old Australian Women's Weekly - Children's Birthday Cake Book but opted for a cake with a little more style.  Mum created 2 beautiful slabs of Caramel Mud Cake and I had the honour of creating the decoration.  I opted for swirls, shavings and shards made from Dark, Milk & White Chocolate, elegantly glued to the top and sides of the cake with a white chocolate and yogurt icing. 

Everyone loved the cake and asked Mum where she had purchased it from.  She grinded one of those big “Mum Pride” smiles and proudly announced that she had made the cake and that I had iced it.  This cake ended up in the Extreme category, as in extremely big, extremely impressive and extremely delicious. 

I am very thankful to my Mum for encouraging me to develop the skills to be ability to create professional looking cakes, but I must admit I have had plenty of help along the way and most recently I have entered my “Yummy Arts” age. 
This is a simple to use subscription website, that is not the only cake and cookie decorating site but it is the ultimate.  Step-by-step videos and information for everyone regardless of your skill level.

Make sure you take your cakes to the EXTREME, get your access today “YummyArts”.

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